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Why cavity wall insulation?

Many homes across Ireland and the UK are built utilising the cavity wall construction method.

Cavity walls are built with an inner and outer leaf (wall) with a gap, or cavity, in between. Cavity walls are typically masonry construction made from concrete block or brick. Cavity wall ties are installed between the two leaves to connect to the walls together.

Cavity walls are designed so that rain water and moisture do not transfer from the outer leaf to the inner leaf – especially wind-driven rain. Unfortunately, while cavity wall construction works very well at keeping rain and moisture out, many older homes were built without adequate levels of cavity wall insulation, if any at all.


  • Platinum Bonded Bead ensures a complete cavity fill for every application, new build or retrofit, utilising the approved drilling pattern relevant to the construction of the building.
  • Platinum Bonded Bead is installed quickly. Installation times vary from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the home, the width of the cavity and local environmental factors. Most retrofit applications can be completed in just a few hours
  • Platinum bead is made from expanded polystyrene, a sustainable material. Cavity Wall Insulation will last the entire lifetime of the building and can easily be recycled at the end of the building’s useful life. Recycled EPS can be used as insulation or moulded into a variety of other products.
  • Platinum Bonded Bead is completely water resistant and will not absorb moisture. Any water that penetrates the outer leaf will drain down the cavity without any transfer to the inner leaf and will not retain moisture.
  • The platinum bonded bead begins to work instantly. Occupants should feel a noticeable difference in the building’s ability to retain heat during the winter and its ability to stay cool during the summer. The final U-value will depend on the size and construction of the cavity.

How does it work?

Platinum sliver bonded bead, complete the cavity wall insulation system for application in new and existing buildings with a cavity width of at least 40mm.

Platinum silver bead (Cavity Wall) Insulation is expanded polystyrene (EPS) injected in bead form into a cavity to form an insulating mass.

The cavity wall insulation solidifies in the cavity as it is injected along with a special bonding agent (adhesive Glue). The bonded bead significantly reduces thermal transmittance across the cavity.

Filling the cavity with platinum silver bonded bead still allows the cavity to perform its function.

The cavity is still able to breath, the bead does not absorb water and water will not transfer across the cavity to the inner leaf

Silver Bead along with an adhesive are pumped under pressure into the cavity. 22mm holes are bored into the external walls of the building, they can also be drilled internally if required this method is commonly carried out on new builds. The walls are warmer after insulation which in most cases results in the elimination of condensation. Government figures state that for the majority of houses 35% of heat is lost through the walls. It is estimated that 66% of this can be saved by insulating the walls. This is an overall saving of 25%

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