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Rolled Attic Insulation

Insulating your home saves money!!

At C&W Insulations Ltd, we use the highest quality in attic materials so we choose the following:

Knaulf Insulation’s new Earthwool loft roll may not look like any insulation you’re used to but that’s because it’s the earthy brown colour represents a level of sustainability unlike any other

Its unmatched eco-friendly credentials are thanks to the incorporation of revolutionary ECOCE Technology, a new bio based, formaldehyde- free binder technology creating the next generation of insulation products.

The Result of 5 years of intensive research, its uses rapidly renewable materials instead of traditional chemicals and gives products like earthwool loft roll their distinctive natural brown colour.

Blown Wool Insulation:

Perfect for the hard to reach areas!!

Benefits of Attic Insulation

Create a warm, dry & energy efficient household

  • Keeps your house warm and reduces energy bills
  • Ideal for new builds and existing lofts
  • No wastage
  • Does not rot or decay
  • Improves the acoustic performance of your ceiling
  • Installed by trained and qualified installers fora clean and quality fit
  • High quality insulation at a cost-effective price
  1. Fire resistance – Blown Wool Insulation products provide exceptional fire protection. All of Rolled/wool insulation products are deemed non-combustible.
  1. Acoustic comfort – Insulation is blown/ rolled into all available loft space leaving no gaps, ensuring the building is protected from external noise.
  1. Durability – The Insulation is designed to last with no need for replacement. Once it has been installed, you can sit back and relax knowing your loft insulation will last for generations.


Fibreglass insulation is rolled into the attic space between & across the joists, difficult to reach areas can be insulated with blown mineral wool. Cold water pipes and cold water tanks are lagged and sealed.

Insulated walkways are installed for safe access from your attic hatch to your water tanks. 300mm fibreglass insulation is the required amount to be installed in your attic area to be eligible for the grant

As part of our attic insulation service we will install tank jackets on your water storage tanks, insulate all cold water pipes in your attic area

If you have an attic pull down stairs we can provide an insulated hood that will greatly reduce heat loss in this area.

Attic insulation and flooring - Before. Attic insulation and flooring - During. Attic insulation and flooring - During. Attic insulation and flooring - After.

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